Linux love

I love how some people praise Ubuntu Linux on the desktop, yet cannot even get a decent picture output when hooking the laptop up to a projector. Then they will usually go on mumbling something about «buggy hardware» or whatnot. I’ll just stick to hitting Fn+F8, or F5 in PowerPoint, it «just works».

I used Ubuntu on a laptop briefly a couple of years ago. My biggest complaint with it was that sleep-to-disk and sleep-to-ram was not working properly. I could put the computer to sleep, but it would not wake up again, unless I used graphics without OpenGL acceleration enabled. So I had to choose between 3d graphics or working sleep modes. It surprises me to hear from new Ubuntu Linux converts that this basic shit still is not working properly! If it’s a laptop, this is absolutely bare-bone functionality. How can it be so godamn hard?

At work we have a whole Wiki page explaining how to install the Cisco VPN client on Linux (involving installing kernel headers and running through a command-line installation procedure). For OS X and Windows it’s a two sentence instruction. Amusing.

Don’t get me wrong, Linux is nice for some stuff. Heck, I even have it installed on a machine and use it daily. I just don’t get the point in using it, just for the sake of using it. Windows is still working fine for me on my laptop, and all the good shit that’s worth having on Linux is ported to win32 anyway so I won’t be downgrading to GNU/Linux anytime soon. Afterall, I’ve got better things to do than compiling headers and tweaking Spotify to run under Wine; like blogging for instance.


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