Opera bug with select boxes

In part of keeping up with trends on the Internet I have also done some Web 2.0 development lately in addition to keeping this blog. 😉
This kind of development is of course full of «wonderful» surprises. I have been using DWR together with Yahoo User Interface (YUI) to dynamically update some forms and this has been working relatively smooth. That is, until i needed to update some pull-down boxes (the ‘select’ kind) that were hidden under different tabs. Everything worked perfectly in Internet Explorer and Firefox, but unfortunately not Opera. Regular text fields were updated, but not pull-down boxes.

I put together a small example that illustrates the bug. Try first to click «Hide» to hide the form, then click «Populate» and then «Show». You’ll notice that only the name field is populated. Now click Populate again and the country field is also populated. Try it in Internet Explorer or Firefox and it works as you’d expect (the form is populated regardless of the container’s display parameter).

According to Opera this bug is fixed in the next major feature release code-named Peregrin. So let’s hope they get it out soon! 🙂


3 kommentarer om “Opera bug with select boxes

  1. Meen Birger, når i all verden skal vi få en oppdatering av hva som er hot og trendy her i verden igjen? Begynner og bli en stund siden føler jeg..:O Vet jo snart ikke hva jeg skal ha på meg om dagen engang 😉

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